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Beaks Lower Tie Bar - Groupbuy
This is a groupbuy item - We are passing on a HUGE discount on these bars to you. The groupbuy process is as follows: 1) You have until Sunday the 18th of August to place your order. (Please place orders as soon as possible, don't wait until the last minute) 2) Orders placed ..
Blox Competition Front Camber Kit
Blox Racing Competition adjustable front camber kits are designed to replace the vehicle’s factory upper control arms. The Competition adjustable front camber kit allows the user to adjust and fine tune the front suspension’s camber settings for optimum performance. Whether street driving, road r..
Blox Extended Wheel Studs
BLOX Racing extended wheel studs are manufactured from high-strength alloy steel.  These extended wheel studs are designed and intended to be used with BLOX Racing open-ended lug nuts on racing slicks, or when wheel spacers are required.   BLOX Racing extended wheel stud..
Blox Limited 490 Speherical Shift Knob
The Blox Racing Limited 490 Speherical Shift Knob is based on the popular stylish, 50mm shift knobs but features highly polished stainless steel cores and PVD coated hues. The 490 Spherical is machined out of billet stainless steel and then custom weighted for maximum performance. Each is th..
Honda Head Rebuild Kit - B-Series
Genuine Honda B-Series Head Rebuild Kit. As with all Honda products expect a perfect fitment everytime. ** This part is now discontinued with Honda ** ** We have pieced together each part needed to have a complete kit ** This listing is for the following - 1 x 18115-P72-003 - Genu..
Honda Piston Rings - B-Series
Genuine Honda B-Series Piston Rings are are sold as a single item, select the quantity you require. As with all Honda products expect a perfect fitment everytime. Genuine Honda B-Series Piston Rings - Fits B16 & B18C Honda Engines This listing is for the following - 1 x 13011-P..
Honda Valve Stem Seals
Genuine Honda Valve Stem Seals. Sold as a complete set of 16 (8 Intake Seals & 8 Exhaust Seals) As with all Honda products expect a perfect fitment everytime.   Genuine Honda B-Series, D-Series, H-Series, F-Series Valve Stem Seals - Fits all B-Series, D-Series, F-Ser..
Muteki SR35 Lug Nuts
The SR35 lug nuts allow for an extremely thin lug nut so you don't scratch your new wheels. These lugs come with a special key adapter to install and remove the lug nuts so you don't have to put a large socket close to the wheel and scratch it. Muteki SR35 lug nuts are made of 50BV30 steel which ..
Skunk2 Alpha Valve Springs & Retainers
Skunk2 is proud to introduce its Alpha Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit for Honda’s B-Series VTEC engines. Each kit includes Skunk2’s high-quality dual valve springs and race-proven titanium retainers that are the result of nearly two decades of racing and engine building experience. Ea..
Skunk2 Pro Series Rear Camber Kit
The design of Skunk2 Rear Camber Kits is based on camber kits that have been used in Skunk2 race cars for many years. Skunk2 Rear Camber Kits are a must if you want to fine tune your rear suspension. With the ability to adjust positive and negative camber, you can reduce tire wear and significant..
Supertech Valvetrain Combo - B-Series
Supertech Performance use their experience of more than 20 years in the manufacturing of racing valves. With intensive testing and working closely with many engine builders in order to continuously improve and provide the market with the best possible product for every application.  &n..
Wiseco Pistons & Eagle ESP Rods - B18C
* Wiseco Piston Kit - B18C: Wiseco domestic auto and sport compact pistons are forged and machined in-house and receive a full compliment of power enhancing features. Light weight forgings, millimeter ring packs, extra-strength forgings, gas ports, skirt coatings, offset pins, and a variety of ..